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Ben’s 5th Birthday

It is hard to believe how quickly life passes us by. A good realisation of this is having children and watching them grow.

Today is Ben’s 5th birthday. We were fortunate to have Ben this year on his actual birthday, so we decided to head down to the park to celebrate.

We were joined by Grandma, Grandad, Uncle Brad and Aunty Kellie. Ben was quick to test out his new bike and show everyone just how good he could ride it. Declan was being a good (and patient) big brother, as Emma pined for his attention, somewhat not so patiently :).

Taking his bike for a spin

Ben got a kite from Grandma for his birthday and both Uncle Brad and I thought we’d better show him how to fly it…professionally….sort of. There are a few videos of our attempts, but mostly they all ended up the same way.

Dad & Uncle Brad teaching Ben how to fly a kite

Overall we have a fun day celebrating Ben’s 5th birthday. Hope you had a great day son.

Love Dad

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