Letter to Ben – 09 July 2017

Letter to Ben – 09 July 2017

Dear Ben

Thanks for your letter. I liked the card you sent. Did you choose that one yourself? It is good to hear that you are doing well at school. It sounds like you are enjoying being back at school. I received a copy of your report card for that semester and was very impressed with how well you are doing.

We had a great time while we were on our holiday. Our flight was really good. It was nice and smooth and we could see Mt Cook as we flew into Christchurch. We got to play in the snow in Queenstown. We timed it really well, as the only day it snowed in May we were there to play in it. There was about 5cm of snow, and we learnt some fun things about playing in the snow. We started rolling a small snow ball and by the time we had rolled it about 50 meters, it was so big that we couldn’t even move it. Ryan was able to stand on top of the snowball that we made, it was so big! There were even some of the local people working together to build an igloo! It was all pretty awesome! We are now working on our next holiday 🙂

 How was your school holidays? Did you do anything special or go anywhere? Are you excited to return to school and see your friends and teachers? We are watching the V8 Supercars racing in Townsville at the moment and it is a pretty good race. I’m think that Scott McLaughlin will win and Declan is hoping that Craig Lowdnes wins.

Anyway that is about all that is going on here. Hope to here from you again soon.

Love Dad

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