Letter to Ben – 11 May 2016

Letter to Ben – 11 May 2016

We received a letter back from Ben. We were excited to here from him and I was keen to keep the lines of communications open and frequent. Surprisingly, or not if you really know what lawyers are like, we were told by lawyers that the kids were not allowed to write to Ben. It was incredibly difficult having to try and explain to to very young children that they weren’t allowed to write to their brother. This is my letter back to Ben.

Dear Ben

I was so happy to receive your letter in the mail. I am glad to hear that Marlee is getting better at not jumping up on people so much and that you have taught him some new tricks. I got the photo of you are Marlee and it looks like he is getting bigger. You seem to be getting bigger too 🙂 Soon you’ll be as tall as me.

How is the weather up in Gympie? It has been getting really cold here over the past few days. One morning we had 7 degrees, and the wind was blowing really hard, so it was absolutely freezing when I stepped outside.

We are going camping next weekend at Killarney. Belinda and Declan are doing the Pentathlon there. Hopefully it won’t get too cold while we are camping. We are allowed to have a campfire, so hopefully that will keep us warm enough. I can’t remember if you have been to the camping spot at Killarney. It is the place that has all the birds, that you can feed by hand, and the big waterfalls are just a short walk across the road.

It is good to hear that you have been going swimming in your pool. I reckon it would be a bit too cold for me! If there was a heated pool then I would definitely be going for a swim too.

Anyway thanks again for your letter. Hope to hear back from you soon.

Love Dad

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