Letter to Ben – 11th Birthday

Letter to Ben – 11th Birthday

Dear Ben

How have you been? I hope you are happy and having lots of fun. I have sent you a birthday present this year so hopefully you like them and don’t already have one. I am sending them by courier so mum, Nanma or Papa may need to sign for them. If they arrive early you might even be allowed to open them a bit earlier 🙂 . Hopefully they get to you before Sunday. Do you know what you are doing for your birthday, or is it a surprise? Are you going to have a party or maybe go out for dinner? I would really like to hear from you, even if it is just to say a quick hello, that would be great! 😀 

Declan was playing basketball at school last week and he fractured his arm, so he has his arm in a plaster cast now. The doctors have said it is only a minor fracture so he may only have to keep the cast on for a week or two. Are you playing any sports at school?

Emma lost one of her front teeth and has been drinking her drinks using a straw, by placing the straw where her missing tooth was. Did you ever use to do that? Do you have all your adult teeth now?

Ryan has started swimming at school. He is really enjoying it. Although he did say it was still a bit cold. The pool at school is heated but I think because of this rain we have been having, it has made it colder than usual.

Last month we almost ran out of water but luckily we have had some good rain here and it has filled our water tanks back up again. Has it been raining in Gympie? Ryan and Emma were just out playing in the muddy puddles. Do you like playing in the rain? 

Grandma came and visited us last week too. She has bought a new car and drove it up to show us. It is red and even has a sunroof!  It is pretty cool. Did you watch Bathurst this year? I recorded it and have been watching little bits and pieces of it. It was a good race towards the end.

We all went out to Oakey today to do parkrun. Belinda and Lorraine ran the whole track. Belinda came 11th and Lorraine came 5th. Declan just beat Lorraine at the end and came 4th. Emma did really well too, she came 38th. Ryan was 43rd and I  was 44th. Afterwards we went to the bakery and had a pie and some cold drinks. It was a really fun morning. Emma & Ryan love going to parkrun. They are excited because after 10 parkruns they both get a free t-shirt.

Well I had better go so I can send you your birthday presents! I hope you have a really great birthday!

Love Dad xoxox

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