Letter to Ben – 12 August 2016

Letter to Ben – 12 August 2016

It has been a while since I’ve heard from Ben. I imagine it is hard for a boy of his age to keep up the communications. I hope he is getting the encouragement to stay in touch with me from his mother, given her mental condition.

Dear Ben

How have you been? I would love to hear from you again. I heard that you went on a Holiday to Uluru. What did you get up to on your holiday? Did you see any big red kangaroos? I know that some of them can grow over two meters tall, which is taller than me. They can also jump about nine meters in a single jump.

I was told a riddle the other day and I thought you might also be interested in trying to work it out. It took me a good couple of minutes to work it out. Let me know how long it takes you to work it out.

“What goes up, but never comes down?”

It is a bit of a tricky riddle, so maybe your Mum or Papa can help you with this one, but once you know it I reckon you’ll be kicking yourself.

Everyone here is doing well and they all miss hearing from you. Ryan has now started dancing in Emma’s dance school. He is really enjoying it and has his own routine to practice. Emma has become a little famous at her school, by recording a song and music video with one of the local musicians. We were all pretty excited when she was picked to be involved. Declan has been doing really well at basketball. His team won by a huge lead the other day; they won by over 100 points. He was also mentioned in the local newsletter for how well he has been playing.

Grandma and Grandad have both been asking about you too. Grandma is coming up to visit us on Sunday and watch Emma dance. We are going to have a BBQ lunch and I’ll be cooking, so hopefully no one gets sick 🙂 

We got a new catfish for our fish tank and named him Garfield again (technically we call him Garfield Two or G2 for short). He looks exactly like the old Garfield catfish we had. I’ve been sorting out our photos and came across one I thought you might like. Do you remember the old cubby house at the old house in North Lakes? This was taken at Christmas and you had only just turned three at the time. We were decorating the house and you and Declan wanted to decorate your cubby house too. This is one of my favourite photos  🙂 

Lots of love

Ben & Declan’s Cubby House
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