Letter to Ben – 15 July 2016

Letter to Ben – 15 July 2016

Another letter to Ben. We are still missing him lots and lots. It is good that I am still able to keep in touch with him and hear about his days. 

Dear Ben

How have you been? Did you get my last letter I sent you? What did you do over the school holidays? We spent our school holiday time down at the Gold Coast with Uncle Brad and Aunty Kellie. Belinda, Uncle Brad and Aunty Kellie all did the half marathon run, which is 21.1km long. The man that won the full marathon race did it in a little over 2 hours and did a big sprint to the end, against the guy that came second. We stayed in a nice apartment, like the one we stayed in on the Sunshine coast with you. Our apartment was on the fourth floor and had a nice view of the beach. Uncle Brad and Aunty Kellie stayed just down the road from us and they were on level 15, which was the top floor of their building. They have some pretty awesome views too.

Grandma came down to visit us and stayed for a night and we all went to Sizzlers for dinner. Grandma was asking about you and how you are going with school. I told her that you are doing really well and have made some new friends too. We went to the Super Bee and saw how they process the honey. It was pretty interesting and I even learnt a few things about bees. Did you know that bees eat and vomit the nectar from flowers over and over again to finally make honey. Kind of gross to think that honey is just bee vomit, don’t you think. 🙂

It is cold and rainy today here in Toowoomba. How cold has it been in Gympie? It was much warmer on the Gold Coast than it has been here. We have been putting the oil heater on at night in the lounge room and Tiger has been making sure he gets his share of the heater. I’ve put in a photo of him sleeping near the heater for you. We are watching Kung Fu Panda 3 tonight. Have you seen it yet? Let me know if you haven’t so I don’t spoil it for you by telling you about it in my next letter. Hopefully it will be as good as the last two movies.


Tiger sleeping awkwardly

This is how Tiger has been sleeping lately

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