Letter to Ben – 25 April 2016

Letter to Ben – 25 April 2016

It has been almost 6 months and we haven’t seen or spoken to Ben. Today we made some progress in court and are now able to send him letters, which isn’t really great, but certainly better than nothing. Emma and Ryan miss Ben and wanted to write him a letter too.

Letter from Emma

Dear Ben

Are you having a good time? We have built a shed on the concrete. I was riding my scooter yesterday under Dad’s carport. What have you been doing? How is grade 4? What is your teacher’s name?

Do you do sports at school? Yesterday Ryan and I had a sleepover at Kate’s place. In the morning we went to the market and we got popcorn.

From Emma

Letter from Ryan

Dear Ben

I miss you very much. I was riding my scooter with Emma. I went for a ride in Dad’s trailer. I hurt myself on my scooter. I fell off onto the concrete and hurt my knee. We have a mummy kangaroo and a baby joey kangaroo living in our paddock.

From Ryan

Letter from Dad

Dear Ben

I hope you have been good for your Mum. Did you get our last letter that we sent you? I hope you liked the photos we included. How has school been? Do you get to ride your scooter/bike to school?

I have been going to the gym and have sore muscles today. I have been playing a new game on my phone, called the Family Guy. It is a bit like the Simpsons game. Do you remember the Simpsons game I use to have on my phone? Have you been fishing lately? I was watching a show on TV the other night and the guy caught a 2 metre long yellowfin tuna. That is taller than me! Hope we hear from you soon.

We all miss you very much.

Lots of love

Dad, Belinda, Declan, Emma & Ryan

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