Letter to Ben – Fathers Day 2017

Letter to Ben – Fathers Day 2017

Dear Ben

How have you been? I hope you have been well and having lots of fun. We have all been a little sick with the flu lately. Today is Fathers day and I was hoping to hear from you. It would be wonderful to hear from you. I have had a great relaxing morning, as I got breakfast in bed. Emma got me a new big coffee mug. Declan got me a big toblerone chocolate and Ryan got me an inflatable air chair. We are going for a short holiday to the Gold coast in the September school holidays, so I’ll be able to use my new chair on the beach.

We have a new baby wallaby, in the wallaby family that hangs around our paddocks. I took a photo but he/she is a litle hard to see.

Wallaby family hanging out down the street

We had a japanese exchange student stay with us for 10 days. His name is Takuma. It was fun to learn about the different culture of Japan, although at times it was hard to understand each other. Takuma taught us how to make an oragami ninja star. I made you one and have put it in with this letter for you. We drew some targets on some paper and practiced throwing the ninja stars at them. Maybe you can draw a target and practice with this one and let me know what your best score is. Even though they are only paper, be sure not to throw these at anyone’s face because it could hurt them.

I have a joke for you that you might like. Why do you only find baked beans in Queensland? Because they all like to live in cairns (cans)!

Anyway, I have to go now as we are having a day out for Fathers day. Wish you could be here.

Love always


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