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Emma’s 10th Birthday

Today was a big birthday for Emma as she is now into double digits! The big one, zero. Well, truth be told, I might have made a bit more of it than she did.

The realisation that your child is growing up, and doing so so quickly, is one that I imagine most parents go through. Similarly, like me, they probably wish they could both slow time down a bit, but are also excited to watch their child grow into a wonderful young person. Just like all our kids, Emma is no exception to our wonderment.

Enough about me and more about our birthday girl! So after last year’s success at a pool party, Emma was keen to do it again. So we did! We had another great time at the Highfields Pool. The sausages on bread were not only simple and easy, but a hit with the kids as we completely ran out.

To make this year even more special we shared the day with one of Emma & Ryan’s friends from school, that were having a birthday party too. This basically doubled the number of kids, food and celebrations.

After the pool party, Emma invited a few close friends around for a sleepover. We setup a movie and they had some pizza and popcorn, which kept them all pretty happy. I walked past Emma’s room at one point and overheard them talking about who likes who. A part of me was hoping this wouldn’t be happening for another five, or so, years. Just another reminder of how quickly my little girl is growing up.

The next day we invited our families over for lunch to celebrate Emma’s birthday, as some of them weren’t able to make it on the Saturday. Emma didn’t mind so much that her birthday celebrations went for the whole weekend instead of just one day.

Emma, we hope you had a wonderful birthday and we look forward to sharing many more with you!

Love Dad (your favourite)

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