First Day of School 2020

First Day of School 2020

The new school year has started today! For Declan, this is his final year of school, which is exciting, a little scary and hard to believe all at the same time.

Emma is going into Year 5 this year. She is in a composite class of Year 5 and 6, with only three other grade 5 students. She seemed nervously excited of the unknown of what the day will bring. I’m sure that she will quickly get over her nerves once she sees her friends again.

Ryan is heading into Year 3 this year. He was a little less vocal about his excitement. He said to me this morning that he would be fine with just staying home and relaxing some more, but deep down I think he was looking forward to seeing his friends again too.

I didn’t get much time to talk to our Home-Stay Student, Honoka, about her first day. She seems a bit overwhelmed from the Australia day celebrations, but hopefully she will settle in soon. Below are some photos of everyone in their school uniforms.

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