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Newtown 2018 School Photos

Here we are, almost half way through the year, in May, and it only feels like the kids have just gone back to school. Well, this was my first thought when we received our school photos this week.

The year really feels like it is flying by. Emma is enjoying being in a composite class this year, and I think it is really helping her to achieve her full potential.

Emma’s Year 3 Class Photo

She has been given harder challenges, and is managing them with ease. I think she is enjoying having her mum in the classroom too. As expected, my photogenic beauty makes her class photo simply awesome! Click on the thumbnail pictures for a bigger view.

Ryan’s Year 1 Class Photo

Ryan is enjoying his first year in big school. Ms Richards is such a great teacher for him. He has also been given some more difficult tasks and handling them with ease. I have noticed he has a natural talent for numbers and seems to enjoy the challenge.

The school also provides an opportunity for sibling photos, which I think is such a great idea. It is wonderful to see both Emma and Ryan smiling and, in the same close proximity. Both of the kids have such a photogenic presence, I sometimes wonder where they possibly got it from 🙂

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