Easter 2020

Easter 2020

As the self isolation restrictions continue to be enforced, we have been forced to spend more quality time together. While this is in most part a good thing, there have been some crazy confined-related outbursts. Overall everyone has handled the isolation and close quarters quite well.

Fortunately I am still working and was looking forward to having a four day weekend. On Friday night we all ventured over to the side paddock with some camp chairs and sat around the fire pit, cooking some marshmallows.

Later in the night we had an unexpected surprise from a little green creature. Even though there was some alcohol involved, the little green creature wasn’t E.T., rather a small green tree frog native to planet Earth 🙂

The next day Belinda made some delicious looking chocolate hot cross buns from scratch for the first time ever. She then gave Emma the ‘Coolio’ hairstyle look, with some corn rows.

On Sunday we still did our traditional Easter Egg Hunt around and throughout the house. I changed up the rules this year to make it a little more fair (which seemed to have worked). Rather than carrying around Easter baskets, once the kids found an egg, they had to run it back to their cups. To make it fair, the rules of the game were that you could only carry back one egg per trip.

We decided to have another fire, because the first fire was such a hit. Bear, being his usual clingy self, was quick on the scene finding himself a nice spot to settle in for the night.

On Monday I continued to work on the Lego caravan. I was able to get a fair bit done. We finished the insulation in the side walls, as well as the solar panel wiring.

I taught Emma and Ryan to drive the lancer around the paddock, which they seemed fairly keen and excited about. For their first time driving they did very well.

Overall it was a great relaxing weekend with the family. It is these little moments of time that I cherish the most.

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