Newtown State School Awards Night 2019

Newtown State School Awards Night 2019

Tonight we had Emma & Ryan’s Newtown State School Awards night. It kicked off with the first half of the night, being for grade 1 through to grade 3, where Ryan cleaned up with the Highest Achievement Award for Numeracy for his class.

Ryan was pleasantly surprised that he received his award this year, and maybe a little more than some of his classmates, who were “not so quietly” confident that Ryan was going to get an award this year.

The second part of the night was for the grade 4 to grade 6 students. During intermission the school band played a couple of songs. Emma was busily helping set up and getting ready for her performance. Unfortunately she had forgotten her sheet music, but luckily she has a fantastic Mum, who raced home to get it for her and got back just in time before the band started.

Emma preparing for her music performance on the drums

The band played two songs; Boogie Beats and Surfin USA. Here is a small sample of the first song.

The night unfolded with Emma not only receiving one award, but two awards. Emma received the Beginner Instrumental Music award for her part in the school band, even though she wasn’t going to start band until next year in grade 5.

Her second award was for Highest Achievement in Numeracy. This award now mean Emma has a complete set of awards; Highest Achievement for Literacy, Numeracy and Student of the Year. It is hard to know what grade 5 is going to bring. Perhaps a school captain…

We are both so very proud of Emma & Ryan for their achievements. It is always such a pleasure to see them enjoying school and doing so well at it at the same time.

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