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Emerald Parkrun

This Easter weekend has started off with a rather crazy challenge. We decided to get our ‘E’ letter for Parkrun. The only E in all of Queensland is at Emerald Parkrun. We jumped in the car at about 5am on Friday morning and undertook the 8 hour (or so) drive to Emerald.

Along the way we made a few small stops. One photo opportunity was in front of the big watermelon at Chinchilla.

Lorraine and Darren joined us for the adventure and stayed at the same motel. Shortly after we arrived at the motel, we headed down to the botanic gardens, where Parkrun was going to be, to have a look at the course.

At first, the course seemed a little daunting to follow, looking at the map. However, once we got to the park we realised that there were markers all along the way. I’m glad we had plenty of time to pre-walk the track. Once we were familiar with the track it was quite easy to follow.

Parkrun Day

We woke up pretty early on Saturday morning, even though we only had a short 5 minute walk to the start of Parkrun.

The run itself was quite nice. I got held up at the start by the crowd for the first kilometer, which meant I didn’t get a PB. The course was full of up and down hills, but nothing too hard. Overall, I’m glad that we did it during this time of the year, as I could imagine it wouldn’t be very nice in the heat of an Emerald summer.

Finally we had some breakfast and made our way back home. Everyone was a little tired on the journey home and we arrived back around 7:30pm.

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