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Peak to Park Weekend

This weekend has been a big weekend for us. We started the weekend as usual with Parkrun…just with a bit of a twist.

We had my mum come visit and stay with us on Friday night. She joined us at Parkrun, which was only her second time doing Parkrun and, she smashed her PB by 7 minutes. Kellie, Robert and their kids also joined us for there first ever Parkrun. To make it even more special, it was the first leap year Parkrun ever. The next time Parkrun falls on the 29th of February again, won’t be until 2048!

After Parkrun we headed off to Aussie hoops for Ryan for an hour of Basketball. Shortly after we visited Kloud9, an indoor trampoline park, where the kids played for another hour. Belinda then took Declan, Emma and Honoka to Redlands Bay for Declan’s Mountaineers Basketball game which ran into over time. The whole game went for about 2 hours so they didn’t get home until about 10:30pm.

The next morning we were up early again to do Peak to Park. This was the first time Belinda and I have done a run together (outside of Parkrun). Fortunately, it was only 4km (although my watch recorded 4.59km) and all down hill. I did may fastest overall pace of 6:02min/km which gave me a finish time of 27 minutes and 43 seconds. I was hoping to get under 6 minute km’s, but I’m happy enough with my efforts.

Both Emma and Ryan did very well, running for most of the course and finishing shortly after me, with Belinda and Lorraine. My next challenge is trying a 10 km run, which Belinda wants us to do as par of the Warwick pentathlon. As most of the 10 km’s is up the Queen Mary falls range, I am a little hesitant doing this as my first 10 km, but i guess that is why they call it a challenge.

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