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Pittsworth Parkrun

Parkrun at Pittsworth today! This completes my ‘P’ and 13th letter of the Alphabeteer challenge. The Alphabeteer challenge is to run a Parkrun starting with each letter of the alphabet. Next week we are off to Emerald, because that is the only letter ‘E’ in all of Queensland.

So this was my first run at Pittsworth today and the course was ok. It was three laps of the showgrounds. My shoes got saturated from the heavy dew on the grass. It was so foggy that we couldn’t even see the starting line!

I set a new PB which was great. I used the distance and pace monitor on my watch, which I think really helped. I was aiming for a sub 30 minute time, so I set the pace to 6:00 min/km. My previous PB was a 6:18 min/km last week, so I was being a little ambitious trying to shave nearly 2 minutes off my time, but I thought I should at least aim high!

I finished this week with a time of 30min and 47seconds. My watch recorded the distance as 5.12km, and I was spot on my 6:00min/km, so technically I did a 30 min flat 5km! I finished in 14th place overall, the 10th male and 4th in my age category. We don’t need to know that there was only 34 runners there!

The girls did an amazing job. Holly out ran us all with a time around 27min 6s and 28min 21s. Unfortunately her exact time hasn’t shown up in the results. Belinda did a great time, coming in just behind me at 32 mins and 49 seconds. Emma and Lillian finished strong, with an overall time of 47 mins and 34 seconds.

After Parkrun we all headed into town for a coffee and some breakfast with Lorraine and her friends.

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