Yowie Parkrun

Yowie Parkrun

A 4.30am start this morning to do Parkrun at Kilcoy.

Belinda had already done the course before, at the parkrun opening of Yowie Parkrun. It was a rather simple course and beautiful run around the lake.

We met Ron Grant, who was volunteering. Ron Grant was an Olympian, who was the first to run around Australia back in the 1980’s. He ran a total of 13,883kms in 217 days, which equates to an average of 64km per day!!

Emma and Ryan both tried to take the title of fastest family member today, however they didn’t quite get there. Emma set a new PB of 34 minutes and 15 seconds, which earnt her a $2 reward. We’ve all now completed our ‘Y’ letter for our alphabet challenge. Both Emma and Ryan now only have ‘a’, ‘c’ and ‘i’ to complete their name challenges.

Overall it was a great day for a run and I’m really proud of the kids for getting in and putting in a really strong effort today.

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