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Morning tea with the Mermaids

Today we had the kids activities down by the pool. Unfortunately, the mermaids didn’t turn up. We still had fun holding Princess, the cockatoo. The staff at Ashmore Palms said she could be about 30 years old. The oldest living cockatoo of her species is an amazing 125 years old, and that most captive birds with the right diet and care will usually live up to a 100 years old.

The staff here are really great. They came over to apologies for the mermaids not turning up, and seem to be genuinely disappointed. We weren’t bothered at all by the fact that the mermaids didn’t show.

It was really good to see just how much these activities mean to the holiday park and that they really do care that the kids enjoy themselves. Unlike other holiday parks we have been to, where they don’t put much effort into their activities at all. Or just put on something for the sake of saying they have a kids club.

As it turns out the mermaids have been re-booked for Saturday after the badge making session.

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