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Back to New Zealand Part II

Well no one can say that we haven’t caught the travel bug! We are heading back to New Zealand in 2018 for the Easter holidays. This time we thought we would tackle the north island with a road trip. Even though we had a great time in the campervan, we are going to hire a car and do a road trip instead. We recently joined a holiday club (early and unexpected christmas present for us both) and we won a free holiday. We also won two weeks accommodation for only $99 anywhere in the world (we are thinking this might be our Europe holiday for next christmas), plus we got two 2-4-1 cruises too. We will probably book those for 2019.

So the blog should get a few more entries this year and the follow few years to come 😀 We are both very excited to be going back to New Zealand and the kids are thrilled too. Declan has decided to come this time round and even Ma is going to join us too (whoo hoo free baby sitter 😉 ) We are have started planning our itinerary but it is no where near complete, so if you have some suggestions for us please leave a comment below.

We don’t think we will need to take our snow gear back this time round as we will be leaving a good month and a bit earlier, so that should cut down on at least one bag of luggage. We have short listed Rotorua, the kids are keen to try out the luge and the zoomba? ball there. I’m not too keen, as the smell is still firmly planted in my memories from the last time I was there…15 years ago.

We have had a look at some of the accommodation we can stay in and it looks pretty great.

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We plan on catching up with some friends and family while we are over there too which should be lots of fun. I can’t remember the last time I saw my great Aunty Fay, but it would have to be when I was only a child.

Well the countdown is on, see above, and we have a bit of planning to do. Stay tuned for more updates

Carpe Diem everyone!


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