Australia,  Townsville,  2014,  Holidays

Barra Fun Park

Today I took the older boys out to a Barramundi fishing park. It didn’t take long for the fish to start biting. Declan was the first to catch a fish.

Ben caught his fish a few minutes later. He was a bit reserved about how he had to hold them, but got the job done just the same. We got a quick photo and then let them go. We let the fish go shortly after a quick photo.

The park wasn’t very big so we managed to get around the whole thing pretty quickly. It was also pretty quiet as there were only a handful of people in the park. Their main attraction was the large Barramundi pool. We were told that they have fish over a meter in size. I didn’t see any that big. Thankfully the size that the boys caught weren’t much bigger, as both of their fish put up a pretty good fight.

Overall a great day spent with Declan and Ben.

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