Bellingham Maze

Bellingham Maze

We are off on our first holiday for 2020, since the whole corona virus pandemic started, and are all very grateful for the break.

After an early start, and breaky in the car, we stopped at Kilcoy for a small break before heading straight onto Bellingham Maze.

Bellingham Maze was relatively easy to find, although some of the current road works had us doing a few loops. When we got there we were greeted with a pretty aMAZEing entrance.

After getting moderately lost in the mazes, we had a game of mini golf. Not to brag, but I aMAZEd everyone with my golfing skills. I threw in a hole in one too, but only kept it to one as I didn’t want to look like I was showing off.

We arrived at the hotel a little early and were able to check in, which was nice. The hotel is pretty close to Sunshine Plaza and the beach. We visited Sunshine Plaza and will likely head down to the beach tomorrow.

I took the kids down to the pool for a quick flash freeze swim. Luckily there was a large spa pool that was heated. I spent my time in that, while Emma and Ryan didn’t seem to mind that the water felt like -20c.

Brad, Kellie, Marshall and Hayden all came over later and had some dinner and drinks with us. Anne came up for the afternoon and spent the night.

Overall it has been a pretty great first day to our holiday.

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