Australia,  Townsville,  2014,  Holidays

Billabong Sanctuary

Today we spent our day visiting the Billabong Sanctuary, just a few minutes south of Townsville.

We first were greeted by “Goliath” the largest saltwater crocodile in captivity in the Northern Territory at the time. He measured 5.2 metres long and weighing in at over 1000kg! He was relocated from the Daly river system where he was harassing the locals, to the Darwin Crocodile Farm.

Next, we enjoyed hand feeding the Kangaroos. This was extra special as it was the first time all of the kids had been so close to, and got to feed and pat, a kangaroo.

Emma feeding a kangaroo

After some lunch we watched the the crocodiles being fed. As it was the middle of July, they were not as active as usual as they are, when it is warmer. It was still good to see how big they were.

Overall we all had a great day at the Billabong Sanctuary.

Later that afternoon we headed back into town and stopped in to visit Noona. It was great to Noona again. This was the first time Noona had met Belinda and the kids.

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