Cape Foulwind

Cape Foulwind

We headed south towards Cape Foulwind for our second Kiwi Guardians Adventure in the hope that we would find the secret code word, and look at some seals too of course. When we first arrived at the carpark at Cape Foulwind we were the first there and thought we’d be the only ones. However it wasn’t long and the carpark was filling up quickly. A little mobile coffee store owner had setup in the carpark by the time we had returned from our short walk.

After a few hundred metres hiking to the top of the hill we got to our first viewing platform, equipped with binoculars, to see some of the seals playing in the waters at Wall Island, a few hundred meters off the coastline.

The kids found it a little difficult to see them as we had to lift them up and there was nothing to rest them on to let them have a good long look. They still managed to catch a small glimpse of the seals. We then headed around the corner to another larger viewing platform to see quite a lot more seals. They were all spread out across the rocks trying to soak up the little amount of warmth the rocks might be providing, considering it was lightly raining and the sun was struggling to appear. We walked further along the track and completely walked past the Kiwi Guardians post we were meant to be looking out for. We walked a little further along the track only to turn around as the rain started to get a little heavier. On our way back we saw the Kiwi Guardians post and got our first code word.

Emma & Ryan at their first Kiwi Guardians post

We then drove a bit further south to find pancake rocks. The weather was still a bit rainy and cold so we kept our snow gear on, mainly because it was waterproof. It was a pleasant walk through some dense forestry-style walkways to then open out to a totally different landscape of a tall bladed grass and then finally down to the pancake rocks. There was a small group of people who looked like they were on a contiki tour already at the rocks. It must have been high tide as the waves were cutting off access to the beach, however this didn’t seem to stop some of the group of people dashing down the beach at the waves retracted. We decided to just look on and see if one of them got caught in the waves, however they all managed to escape getting wet. We then moved on to a small little town, apparently New Zealand’s smallest town, with a population of just 6 people – Pukekura.

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