Cookie Time

Cookie Time

We loaded up our motorhome with some groceries and decided to head south for a few kilometres to the Cookie Time factory. It was really more of a retail outlet for the Cookie factory rather than seeing any of the food processing. There were some cool little bits and pieces but the shop was pretty small and we only spent a few minutes there in total

 After leaving Christchurch we headed for Hanmer Springs. The drive there was amazing. Complete with stunning mountain views and breath-taking landscapes. We arrived in Hanmer Springs on Sunday afternoon around 5pm, settling in to our free camp site, only to find that Apollo never charged the batteries in our Motorhome. At the time of picking up the motorhome, the mechanic at Apollo told us that the batteries would be fully charged in about 7 minutes of driving.  I did hesitate to believe him. I think he must have thought we were idiots, and that we didn’t know anything about basic electricity. However we were still fresh with excitement for our holiday and thought maybe they have some quick charge system that is different from the rest of the world. They don’t. #ApolloSucks01.

So this meant when we arrived at our free camping spot in Hanmer Springs as planned, the trickle charge from the motorhome whilst we were driving only gave us about half and hour of power. While we were a bit annoyed at being told the wrong thing and clearly Apollo hadn’t charged the batteries at all, we hoped this might be the end of the issues. Bahahaha. Apollo really truly suck.

Luckily we had brought along some led torches with us, so a night without light would be that bad I guess. Wrong! Not only did Apollo not charge our motorhome but we found out about half an hour later that they hadn’t filled the main gas bottle. Luckily we had two gas bottles right? Wrong! Both gas bottles were empty! #ApolloSucks-02 It was around this time I thought I’d give Apollo a quick call. Fortunately, we arranged a powered site at the Hanmer Springs Top10 Holiday park. The park was basically empty and the site we were given wasn’t all the flat, but that was ok as we were the only ones in that area and at least we had power.

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