Disco Night

Disco Night

Today was a big day! We started it off with some Timezone fun. The place has had some changes since we were there a year ago. The kids had the most fun on the motorbike game.

Declan laid done a basketball challenge to me. I chose red and he chose green. The first game I won (red 109, green 94). So of course he wanted a rematch cause he reckoned that there was something wrong. I went a bit easier on him this time round and we drew at 115 each. I’m thinking about trying out for the mountaineers team this year now.

We headed down to the beach for some foot burning torture and to sweat it out in the new beach shade we bought. Ryan, Emma and myself were the only ones to brave the surf. We only stayed in the water for about half an hour because the surf became too strong. We grabbed some fish and chips and ate them while we sat on the beach. After lunch we decided to head back to the resort and swim in the pool instead.

Disco!! Tonight was the kids disco night. The kids had been looking forward to this activity since we first arrived. It started at 6.00pm and went until 8.00pm. There was a huge bowl of lollies made available to the kids, which our two kids responsibly kept the consumption to a maximum of continuous.

Emma & Ryan were pretty happy that they were able to request a song each. Emma requested Marshmellow, “One Thing Right” and Ryan requested The Script, “Hall of Fame”. The whole night was a hit and a good finish to another big day of holiday fun.

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