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Goodbye Gladstone

This morning I was on breakfast duty. Belinda had picked up some bacon, eggs and pancake mix yesterday, and I was in charge of ensuring we didn’t end up at McDonalds for breakfast.

After a few minutes trying to work out the stove top, I was underway. The kids enjoyed the freedom of being able to travel the elevator from floor to floor, to visit Grandma or Uncle Brad and Aunty Kellie. So I sent them to collect a second frypan from Grandma.

With breakfast out of the way we decided to head down to the Toondoon Botanic Gardens. All of the kids enjoyed riding around on their bikes and scooters. They played for a little while on the swings as most of the buildings and lookouts were closed. Across from the gardens were a couple of people driving RC cars in the spare carpark. We looked on from a distance for a few minutes before heading off to Boyne Island.

Brad wanted to recreate some photos that were taken from when he was about the same age as our kids. We found the location along Turtle way of where the photo was taken. A few things had changed. The RC car track was no longer where we though it was. Instead, there is now a playground.

We grabbed some lunch and snacks for the long trip home and said our goodbyes. Along the way we stopped at Christensen Rd where we took a photo with all the kids back in 2014 on our Townsville trip.

We got back home around 6:30pm. Overall we had a great little break. I only wish it was a little longer and, a little more often!

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