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Goodbye Nan

Today was a day with some mixed emotions but also some consolation in knowing that we now have a place to go to remember Nan. Boyne Island has always had a special place in my heart. Although I have many fond memories of Nan and Pop, the best memories I have, are here in Boyne Island.

We started our day with the kids roller blading around Turtle way. I may have made a wrong turn which almost ended with an unexpected visit to the Boyne Smelter. Luckily, I gathered my bearings quickly and got us back on the right track.

After a fairly warm roller blading session we headed over to Canoe Point, where we met up with Brad and Kellie. The kids enjoyed playing together on the beach, drawing in the sand and discovering new and wonderful little sea creatures.

We all headed back to our hotel for a swim. The water was the perfect temperature. It was hard to get the kids out of the pool (even the big one), but after a few hours we decided we should get ready for dinner.

Before dinner we all walked down to the beach near the mouth of the Boyne river and had a small ceremony for Nan. It was really nice to find a quiet and private spot along the beach where we could say a few words. It is sad that Nan never got to met our kids. I know that she would have loved to be a part of their lives and see them grow, just as much as we do.

Dinner was meant to be at the BITS club, however, sadly we discovered that it has been closed for some years now. So we decided to head over to the Tannum Sands Hotel instead. It didn’t have as many memories for me as the BITS club, however the food and atmosphere were still great. The kids enjoyed running around and playing with some other kids they met. Also, the meals we had didn’t disappoint. They were really quite large and pretty good value.

Tomorrow we are all having breakfast together before we head back home. Overall it was a well needed break along with some precious time spent with family. Life doesn’t get much better than that.

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