Hanmer Springs

Hanmer Springs

In the morning we had some absolutely amazing views of the snow capped mountains. There was a fairly heavy frost across the park. We noticed the crunching noise of the ice under our feet as we walked on the grass. The kids found a few frozen leaves and thought that was pretty cool.

Before we went to the Thermal Pools we had to take the Motorhome to a repairer, as the step ladder to the entry way had broken (the bolt head sheared off completely) #ApolloSucks (03) and they had to test the batteries to ensure they weren’t faulty. I think the worst part of it all was the customer service staff trying to convince us that the batteries should only last a few hours, rather than admitting they stuffed up and offering a solution to fix it.

We arrived at the thermal pools around 11am and whilst it was a little daunting getting changed into our swimmers, once we hit the water, it was so worth it. The water was incredibly warm. In the main pools and the kids play area it was set to 28c. The rock pools were my favourite at a comfortable 33c. The rainbow pools were good too at 38c but not something I could have spent too long in. The sulphur pools were the hottest pools at 40c to 42c. Belinda was in heaven in these skin melting pools but the rest of us, the normal people, like the kids and I, we felt it was far too hot. The kids only managed to dip in a foot before complaining it was burning them.

After about 4 hours of relaxing and hopping from pool to pool we decided to hit the road again and head for Reefton.

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