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Many Peaks & The Road Trip Home

Today sadly marks the start of the end of our Townsville road trip.

Along the way we passed through Gumlu, and took a few photos with the giant pumpkin and watermelon.

We stopped over the night in Many Peaks to visit Uncle Mark. He had plenty of room in his yard for us to setup the camper. It was already starting to get cold, when we decided to fire up the butane heater – inside the tent. The kids were a little bit taken back by the long drop toilet in Uncle Mark’s house.

The next morning we woke up to a frozen kitchen sink and frost all over our campsite. The car was reporting the temperature at -2c.

We packed up our campsite and decided to make the rest of the trip without stopping. While there were some sleepless (and cold) nights, overall it was a fun trip. Most importantly, a fun trip full of precious memories and stories to share!

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