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New years day Parkrun

We welcomed in this new year with some more parkrun fun. Just when we thought it couldn’t be anymore fun, we were “pleasantly” surprised by being able to do TWO parkruns on the same day, one right after the first.

Even though the kids were “super keen” to do park run and there was no fighting, complaining or whinging, for some reason they didn’t protest when I decided to not do the second and just let Belinda and Declan have all the fun.

So instead of doing the second Parkrun, Emma, Ryan and myself did a bit of exploring in the park. I met Maddison and Jayden (Emma & Ryan’s alter egos) at the MJ concert.

Unfortunately, Emma and Ryan missed out on the concert, but we got some free tickets and food coupons for them for the next one.

There were a lot of requests for songs from the Shadows, however Maddison didn’t seem to hear over all the screaming fans. Oh well, maybe on there next tour, the will play some more Shadows.

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