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Planning our NZ trip – Part 02

So with a little over 200 days until we set off for our New Zealand adventure, we have started getting more serious about planning our trip. Both Emma and Ryan have traded in some of their monster chore points for New Zealand spending money. It was good to see the kids explore the different currency. Both Ryan and Emma received a $20 NZD note. Emma has earned some money for her report card and along with Christmas money, has over $100 to add to her trip. Although I think it is quickly wanting to burn a hole in her pocket. I guess we will see how long it can last for.

We plan on getting our passport photos taken towards the end of the school holidays, so we should have our passports before Easter. We had thought about getting a travel agent to book and plan our trip, but we have decided to do it ourselves, as there doesn’t appear to be any real advantage these days to having an agent do it all for you. Perhaps in the early days of the internet-less world when comparing prices online wasn’t a thing, we might have benefited more from an agent. However we have already found much cheaper and more flexible options just by doing a quick couple of internet searches. It was good though to have the comparison there and have someone go through some options with us. We may still use an agent for parts of the holiday, but I reckon we’ll have more fun, and less expense, doing it ourselves.

Anyway, will write some more when I have more 🙂

p.s. Here is the finished kiwi bird countdown calendar

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