P&O Cruise – Pacific Dawn – Lifou Island

P&O Cruise – Pacific Dawn – Lifou Island

We didn’t know what to expect when arriving at Lifu Island. We knew that the place would likely be very small and very little infrastructure, which was the case.

We were surprised by the overall lack of cleanliness of the island. Most places we looked we could see bits of rubbish just left laying around. Other than that, the natural beauty of the island was amazing.

We walked about a couple of kilometers down the road and found a little beach entrance. We weren’t sure if this was someone’s property or a public boat ramp so we didn’t stay for long. The water was so clear and beautiful.

We paid our $10 each to walk down to the underground cave that was pretty crowded and uncontrolled. I’m not sure what we paid for $10 for as there were no guides, no help and some very vague directions.

I jumped into the water, which was deeper than I could see, even though the water again was crystal clear. The water was pretty cold but I quickly adapted to the temperature. Belinda stayed out of the water, which was lucky because we soon had 20 or 30 people in the small cave area that could barely support 10 people.

We made it out of the cave and headed back to the ship shortly after my swim. While I’m glad we experienced the island there wasn’t much there to warrant spending more than a hours or so. Now that we have seen the island it’d be unlikely we’d visit it again in the future.

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