Reefton to Mokihinui

Reefton to Mokihinui

We arrived late around 6.30pm on Monday night into Reefton. It felt like midnight as we drove in due to how dark it was. Our stay at Reefton was quite brief. The town itself was fairly small and I assume is mainly used as an overnight stay between Hanmer Springs and Westport or Greymouth. The park itself was nice. There was a river running behind the park and the staff we quite friendly and accommodating.

Reefton Motorcamp Toilet Block

The kids found some smurf houses (little bright red mushrooms) that they thought were pretty cool.

Ryan looking at a smurf house

We spent most of the day driving and taking in the magnificent quickly changing landscapes. It was surprising for us to see a massively deep gorge and then a few hundred metres down the road it was flat land. We decided to drive to Charming Creek where the kids did their first Kiwi Guardians adventure at the Charming Creek Walkway.

We were able to walkway about 1km along the walkway before being stopped by landslide damage. The kids were disappointed as this meant we weren’t able to get the secret code word for the Kiwi Guardians programme or see the waterfalls. It also meant the walk was relatively short and we were able to head down to the beach at Mokihinui where we decide to stay for the night. The park we stayed at was literally just a football field but had some nice touches to it. There we about three other groups there that night but there was plenty of space to spread out, so we barely noticed anyone.

There was a small tavern/café/only place in town that we had a cold beer and a cider. The kids tried L&P soft drink for the first time and enjoyed it. They were amused with the two dogs that greeted us; ever so slowly, as they peeled themselves away from their warm fireplace. There was also a cat running around but he/she was a little more illusive of the kids. The bartender was a man of very few words, and when the local bar flies arrived, we decided to head back to the motorhome for some dinner.

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