Technology bag is packed

Technology bag is packed

Part of being an I.T. nerd is not travelling light when it comes to technology. Hence why I have a bag just for my technology 😁. I am taking my Samsung Galaxy S2 tablet as it has great battery life, a fairly decent camera and a 4G LTE slot, which means I will be easily connected while we travel.

I went with Vodafone for our internet and phone whilst we are in New Zealand. I signed up for a month to month plan, which for $60 gives us a massive 11GB of data plus free unlimited calls and texts back home. As it is an Australian mobile service, friends and family can call the number or send a text message just like normal.

I will also be taking my Lenovo X1 Yoga as it is my lifeblood here at home and work. It also has a 4G LTE slot so if need be I can swap the Vodafone sim card out of my tablet and into my yoga.

Anyway better try and get some more sleep. Tiger’s toilet needs are worse than having a baby in the house.

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