We’re going to New Zealand

We’re going to New Zealand

Belinda and I had been discussing what we should do for our next holiday and that is when we decided we’d love to go and see the south island of New Zealand.

The kids are all excited, naturally, and keen to see what snow is like. Although when I had asked Emma if she was excited about seeing the snow, she gave me an “Emma look” and started to tell me how snow is actually just ice and if someone throws it at you, it will hurt. After 10 minutes of trying to convince her that snow is fun, I soon realised that she was not in the mood for a holiday talk.

So I thought the best way to get the kids really excited and involved with the idea is to give them something to countdown to (like the banner at the top of this website). If you can’t see the countdown timer it is likely because your screen isn’t big enough or you are viewing this website on a mobile phone.

Anyway, going to get the kids and show them this.

Till next time

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