Obese to Overweight

Obese to Overweight

A few months ago, I made a life altering decision, to become a healthier person and live the best life I could. While this sounds like a relatively simple thing to do, I have tried this in the past, and failed miserably. However, this time is different!

Over the years I have gradually been increasing my weight and unhealthy habits. Consuming food to feel better about myself, without really knowing that is what I was doing. I never saw myself as overweight, little alone obese, but the numbers don’t lie. At my heaviest weight I was 100.1KG with a BMI of 32. I am now at 93.1KG with a BMI of 29.1, and consistently losing about a kilogram a week.

Over the past decade (this in itself was part of my wake up) , I have sporadically tried dieting, fasting, exercising and hoping to lose weight. While I was somewhat successful at shedding a few kilograms, I would always put them back on, or just hover around a particular weight.

So you might ask, what makes this time different? Well, good question! There is a chance that it may not be any different to my past attempts, however, my attitude towards the whole process is certainly different.

No longer am I so focused on how much I weigh or how many weeks it will take me to lose ‘x’ KGs. Instead, I have taken up some very simple, manageable and long term changes to my daily life.

It all started in November last year, when we were trying to solve our transport needs. We had bought a lemon of a car (Kia Carnival) the previous year for Belinda. She could take the kids to sports and, have a car that could comfortably fit everyone. Due to all the issues we had with the car we sold it back to the dealer. This left us as a one small car family.

While we could all fit in the new car (ASX) and it was a much more reliable car, we’d occasionally have issues with wanting to be in different places at the same time. So, we decided to get a second cheap car (lancer), which solved a number of problems. Now I could drive myself to work. Having an older car meant Declan could practice driving in it. And eventually, we had planned on giving him the car for his first car.

So this worked for a while, but it wasn’t until the lancer broke down in November that I decided to ride my push bike to work. Initially I went through the same negative thoughts each day, of not wanting to ride, but because I really had no other choice, I persisted. For the next 3 or 4 weeks, I would constantly go through my mind, thinking of reasons why I couldn’t ride today. Some days I would succumb to my reasonings, but the more I rode my bike, the easier it was to overcome this thinking.

Now I actually enjoy riding to work and I miss the feeling when I don’t. I have also taken up Parkrun again. There is still a fair way to go and, I wouldn’t have got this far, if it wasn’t for my wonderful wife Belinda. She has been supporting, helping and encouraging me the whole way. I feel it is important to celebrate the small victories. I am no longer obese, just overweight and, most importantly, heading in the right direction!

p.s. I have created a page that gives you some fun facts about weight and height. I’ll be adding more to this page in the future too.

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