Warwick Pentathrun 2021

Warwick Pentathrun 2021

This year I decided to challenge myself and really get out of my comfort zone. I have decided to run the 10km Queen Mary Falls Ascent run, a part of the Warwick Pentathrun.

Running 10km isn’t that much further than my standard 5km Parkrun’s each week, except this 10km is over a 400m elevation gain. The Warwick Pentathrun website states that this is a very challenging run!

So last week I decided to see if I could even run 10km. Turns out I can. Belinda and I ran into my work and back, which was about 12.2km, however we did break it into two separate runs of 8km and 4km. This took us about and hour and 40 mins, although we walked some of it too. This gave a bit of doubt to my initial thoughts about completing the Queen Mary Falls run in under 90 mins.

Luckily, I have convinced Belinda and my brother Brad to endure the torture fun with me. They will both definitely finish before me, so my plan is for them to save me some breakfast until I get there.

I created a new countdown timer (see below) for the run, so hopefully I won’t leave everything to the last minute. I have set a basic schedule of 20 minutes a day for 4 days, plus parkrun each week. Each week I will increase the 20 minutes until I am able comfortable with my level of fitness.

If there are no more updates to my website after 30th May this year, you know the mountain won the fight, and I died. Otherwise, I’ll let you know how I go!

Take Care


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