3D Printing for Halloween

3D Printing for Halloween

So I recently got back into 3D printing and have been testing out my new Prusa Mini+ printer. I order a couple of rolls of filament with my printer. A Galaxy Black PLA and a Red PETG roll. So far the Galaxy Black PLa has been very easy and reliable to print with. I haven’t had a single failed print, other than my own silly mistakes.

While the quality of the Prusa filaments are really outstanding, the killer is in the postage costs, making a single roll about $100 by the time it get to my door. So I thought I would try some cheaper alternative brands out. I ordered a few (35) sample packs from X3D. The first few filaments I tried we really bad. The green diamond in the pumpkin top, while it looks good, was very brittle and very difficult about print settings. The orange pro PLA was also difficult and was the only PLA (so far) to warp.

I tried a glow cyan, which was fairly stringy, but seems to be manageable. This is the skull topper for on the orange and black coffin.

I decided to order a few rolls from CC DIY and they have been much more reliable. The skull topper on the purple coffin was made using the CC DIY Glow in the dark green/white. It had very little stringing and seemed to stick to the heatbed very well using the default print settings.

I plan on finishing the pumpkins twist lock boxes and creating a larger version over the weekend. So far I have just printed other peoples designs, the twist lock pumpkin and coffin – thanks to the very talented Joe @ 3D printy. The little ghosts are Emma’s favourite (Jeffery) – thanks to the equally talented Narnaa.

Well I better get some sleep 🙂

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